I had a lot of mixed emotions, I laughed really hard that it hurt.. (Thanks Chan)  I even cried (Thanks Memories) but one thing is reflection..

Sometimes, just sometimes, you gain a lot out of life, but a lot of the times you have to go through things, whether it is sickness, death, or romance that is lost.

but at the same time,  Sometimes we feel as if we are standing in sinking sand, no one is around to  help you..

You laugh you cry, you throw things and break them and they may never be able to be repaired.  But, the friendships that I made along the way, makes my TODAY’S

better, they make a smile that i have not smiled in a long time come on my face, tears come, but they are happy tears… Your comments, your calls, your text messages, any kind of love

or gestures of kindness that you have sent  my way, has made my day.. I am not big on a lot of the questions that’s being emailed to me, if you don’t know, Not my problem, I am not to give

out mass emails on my health.  I don’t want to hear a bunch of gossip either, if i want to know about what others that is close to me is doing I will ask them.. I am not in the mood nor in good

health to really care.. I love you all.. but I don’t love some of the things that come to me, they hurt me more than that help.  TODAY, I decided that I will NOT hear of any of this anymore.

TODAY, I decided that the people who has been in my life that wish me good and well (those that are good to me) I will always love you and care for you.  The ones that mean me harm…FUCK YOU!

and the horse that you rode in on!  TODAY!, I cannot promise you that I will be 100%, or how long I will be around, but you best believe you all gave me something to remember and take with me…


William Arthur Ward


~ by countrigurl on May 14, 2010.

17 Responses to “Today”

  1. I Love you for speaking your mind. And I am glad I could make you laugh. For the good time and the bad times.. we are going to pull through this. I got your back and yes fuck all that is assuming and fuck all that is getting shit started… FUCK’EM ALL!


    • Chan, Chan, Chan.. I knew you would like this because it has your favorite word in it.. The F Bomb! lol

      So many times we have just sat and laughed at nothing, but now the laughs are really counting. I love you girl!

  2. Point out anyone that is a problem for you and I’ll take care of them Sweet Pea. I’m feeling mean tonight. haha 😉

  3. I have found you too beautiful and kind.The lesser mortals can never hope to be equal to you.Be same always.Never change Ne.
    And who would mean you harm eh? They must be stupidest ppl in world.

    Take care 😀

    • You mean me good all the time V.. You are a good soul and I will not change I like being me too much and I guess i like having a crazy life. Love Ya V.

  4. I know u r very strong hun!! And thats how u shud b, love ur attitude towards ppl who dont mean good for u. 🙂 I m glad that u know who r the ones who mean good for u. Hugs!!

    • I think I should have been sturn long time ago Ria. You are a sweet person and have become a person I love to be around, even tho I have not been around here lately.. But thank you for all your caring and wonderful gestures of friendship!

  5. You’re a strong woman hon. You know what paths you’re tread and what storms you’ve braved to be where you are, to be what you are. And that’s the essence you’re life stands on. Everything that passes in between is just to be seen and slept over.


    • Cindi, Come over here and let me HUG you really tight. You have been around me forever since I started blogging and such.. I have grown with you and I have gained a lot of trust in you.. SO what you say matters even when you pull that big sis card out on me and send me to bed or just give me your opinions.. You my dear are a keeper, and thanks for being their always.. I miss you also we need to catch up very soon!!

  6. i miss you and i havent seen you online because i m not there myself. i may appear as deceitful and unkind and totally not caring towards you, but believe me when i say, that in every prayer i have you and god willing things will come out fine – with or without me, you ll be around to make splendid memories and live on happily ever after 🙂

    forget em who dont matter

    • Seher, All the times we have spend on Messenger and on twitter and blogs together, I would never in a million years find you deceitful. I have found you to be closer to me than I would have ever dreamed of… We have talked about some really good things and we have cried together and so many heart to heart talks.. You don’t have to be around for me to know you are a great person…

      Our Girl to Girl relationship, life, and casual talks have meant more to me than anything. You are a great friend. and I am waiting for you to hit Cali so we can hit Rodeo drive together and shop til we drop. Remember hon.. You and I are more alike than we think.. we have already discussed that.. you need to stay offline from time to time you have some really big things going on!
      Love you girly!

  7. you make me wanna go sky diving 😀 and scream OUT LOUD!

    yayyyy I love you so much Hannah! really really!

    there is no one that comes close to that love and I pray you find your vigor and health all back and may the merry time begin.. amen!

    much love

  8. I am glad Chan is arnd to make you laugh…enuff tears shed alrdy on memories.

    I like the change in attitude…ppl who r tryin to hurt u r jus jealous of you. remember fame does bring a lot of unwanted stalkers. N you well have the beauty to go with the fame too.

    N u shud stop talkin abt you goin away…I am holdin onto you so tight that if you go anywhr m comin along

  9. (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))

    And yeah, I like pulling the big sis card out, when I know you’re bring naughty, which you do more often than not! LOL.

    I’ll always be here hon, whenever you wanna talk I’ll be hear to listen. And at other times, I’ll still look around to find you and make sure you’re alright.

    We need to catch up. Its been ages.

  10. Sorry, we haven’t talked lately been going through much. I love you and always will.

  11. Sometimes we feel as if we are standing in sinking sand, no one is around to help you..
    thats so true!!!

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